Harness Neopren – Green/Petrol – L 60-76 cm


Hunter Neopren Harness – Green and Petrol – Large 60-76 cm

• Colour – Green and Petrol

• Size 53 – 65 cm Width 2,0 cm

• Nylon / Neopren


• Soft Padding

• 3-fold Adjustable

• Suitable for sporting Activities

• Ultra Comfortable Fit

• Lightweight

• 2 Year Warrantee * T&Cs Apply

The Hunter Neopren range is designed to encompass a balanced mixture of natural and classical as well as stylish trend colours in attractive combinations. Modern dog owners will love the products, for the combination of durable nylon material and soft padding made from textile-coated neoprene is absolutely ideal for dogs in everyday life and when performing sporty activities.

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Harness Neopren – Green/Petrol – L 60-76 cm


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