Hunter Tough Toy Floating Buoy Plush Chew Dog Toys large


Hunter Dog toy Swimming Tuff Range – Up & Down – 32 cm
Polyester, with rope, floating, without squeaker


  • Non Toxic
  • Flame Resistant
  • CE Euro Tested
  • Safe for Babies Safe for Pets

**Euro Tested and Certified What provides fun on land and in water, makes other toys fade in comparison when it comes to colour, and makes absolutely every dog happy? It?s the SWIMMING TUFF toys made from firm nylon material, which give medium and large dogs lots of fun playing fetch both on land and in water. The brightly coloured swimming toys without squeakers can be grabbed by the dog ideally in water, and in the case of the Boomerang and ?Up & Down Range they always float upright.

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Dog Toy, Swimming Tuff UP&down 32 cm


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